Dining Services

Sample Menu


Juice or fresh fruit
Hot or cold cereal
Grilled bacon & eggs
Toast, honey, jam, marmalade
Tea, coffee


Soup of the day
Deluxe salad bar
Cheese & fresh fruit
Tea, coffee


Juice of the day
Choice of breaded fish or meat pie
Mashed potatoes
Buttered carrots & green beans
Apple pie or fruit salad
Tea, coffee


Juice & cookies available mid-morning after the exercise group
Cookies or special treats at afternoon tea
Juice & cookies from Dispensary with bedtime medications.
Special dietary requirement snacks also available as directed by physician.

Every morning, you’ll receive a gentle wake-up around 7:00am, followed by a morning announcement at 7:45am.

Come down when you are ready, seating is casual. The beverage counter with tea, coffee and juice is available anytime.

Conveniently located in our Dining room on the first floor.

Tray Service is available at 8:40am if you would like a continental breakfast in your room.

Breakfast will be available from
7:30am – 9:00am

1st Sitting – 11:30pm
2nd Sitting – 12:30pm

1st Sitting – 4:30pm
2nd Sitting – 5:30pm

Although seating has been pre-arranged, you can make changes. Just speak to the Dietary Manager, in private. If you are going to be out for lunch or supper, please let the kitchen staff know. That way, the chef can offer you the choices for the evening meal at lunchtime. If you have any special dietary needs, please let the chef know.

Just to keep things interesting our kitchen crew likes to try out new dishes. Popularity will keep them on the menu!