Frequently Asked Questions

Activities – There are numerous activities posted for our residents to participate in. Participation is, of course, voluntary and suggestions for new activities or trips are welcome anytime.

Cable TV – All our rooms are cable and phone ready. You can choose to use Rogers or Bell as you wish.

Doctor – House Doctor– Yes, we do have a doctor who will take on any clients of Norfolk Manor who wish his services. Subject to availability on his roster.

Dry cleaning is sent out at the resident’s expense. Picked up at the door and delivered the next day.

Electrical Appliances in the Rooms – There are some restrictions for Safety reasons. These are best discussed in person with administration.

Furnishings – Our clients are welcome to bring whatever space will allow. There are some restrictions on appliances which generate a heat source. New residents must ensure that their furniture has been checked and treated for beg bugs and provide proof prior to admission.

Respite Stays: Are available from 2 weeks to 2 months and are a separate agreement with a start and and end date. Additional care services may be brought in or purchased in house.

Giving Notice –  For long term or month to month tenancies Thirty (30) days written notice is required to terminate the tenancy.  Where in doubt the Tenancy Protection Act has jurisdiction.

Laundry Services- We take care of all personal laundry. As we do laundry at night, the machines are idle during the day so that any of our residents may do their personal laundry themselves, if they wish. All resident clothing should be properly labelled to ensure the prompt and accurate return of laundered items.

Meals– Are available at posted times and residents are assigned to either our 1st or 2nd seating for lunch and dinner. Special arrangements can always be made upon request.
Our Quality, Selection and Presentation are second to none!

Medication Management – All medication is controlled by our resident supervisors under the direction of our Director of Care, Pharmacist and Medical Advisor. Our policy is to have medication reduced whenever possible.

Outside Agencies: Our residents have the right to retain the use of any outside agency  for the delivery of additional care or other support services. We ask that they be properly licensed, bonded and insured and that NORFOLK MANOR administrative staff are made aware of any contractual arrangements prior to the initiation of any outside service to coordinate unfettered access to our secure premises.

Nursing Supervision –Is currently available to our resident supervisors 24/7.

Special Diets – We are pleased to accommodate special diets where possible. Residents are required to purchase any specialty foods which fall outside our normal purchasing practices. * Additional Costs May Apply.

Short Term, Respite or Vacation Stays – Available upon request and are an excellent way of “checking things out”. We are more than happy to earn your trust and a short term stay is a great way to treat yourself. Of course, short term or vacation stays are subject to availability of our designated respite rooms.

Trust Account     We do not have resident trust account. However we can arrange for petty cash advances to be made available upon request.

Telephone      If you are local you can keep your number and just have BELL or ROGERS move your line. Otherwise, all rooms are phone ready and you just need to hook up an account DIRECTLY with your choice of provider

Visiting Hours– We have none. You are welcome 24/7. If you are going to visit outside normal hours 0800 – 10:00 pm. Please call ahead and let the resident supervisor know you are coming.