Supportive or Assisted Living

At Norfolk Manor the many of our residents need a little help /support either because they want it or they actually need it. There is general assistance with the ADL’s – Activities of Daily Living such as the preparation of  fabulous meals, doing their laundry, general housekeeping or managing their medication and overall health care. In some cases they may just be lonely living on their own or just don’t want the complications of shopping for groceries or cooking for themselves anymore, so having fabulous home cooked meals and someone to share them with becomes rather appealing.

As time goes on things can, and usually do change. As they do, often our residents need more support and we, as a private retirement home, are able to increase our support as required enabling you to “Age in Place” whether it’s some minor Memory Assistance support or full Palliative Care. As part of our Compassionate Care philosophy there is some basic personal care support already included in our basic accommodation charge, such as a wake up call, minor assist as required from time to time, extra TLC when with a cold or flu and assistance with a bath once a week. Once a person makes Norfolk Manor their home we will work with them and their family to enable them to stay as long as they comfortable and wish to remain at Norfolk Manor.

After our basic accommodation and inclusive services there are 3 additional levels of supportive care available.

Level 1, 2 & 3  (Click here for More details)

Private Duty is also available from 1 to 24 hour a day.

Each and every situation is different and unique. If you would like to discuss things in person to see if Norfolk Manor is indeed a fit for your or your loved one please contact our managing director David Ing directly and at your convenience.


NOTE: Residents have the right to choose to work with Norfolk Manor and its assisted living support packages or to work with any outside care agency, or service provider they choose to provide them with any additional supports over and above those provided under our general accommodation agreement which are outlined in our Care Home Information Package.