Supportive Living Details

At Norfolk Manor our residents are able to “Age in Place” as long as they are comfortable and with to remain at Norfolk Manor. As their care needs change so does their options to contract with outside 3rd party agencies to provide flexible care options.

Here is a possible list of areas of assistance that could be contracted

  1. Dressing – assisted in part
  2. Incontinence – any assistance required with toileting, changing of absorption products and/or peri care
  3. Additional cleaning due to unusual messy behavior’s 
  4. Assistance Shaving – regularly
  5. Assistance to and/or from meals and activities. Unable to navigate on their own.
  6. Transferring from chair to chair, chair to bed etc.
  7. Portering 
  8. Memory Assistance constant reminding beyond simple queuing –or queuing for ADL (Activities of Daily Living) such as getting washed, dressed, coming for meals  that then require assistance to complete
  9. Repositioning : if bed bound
  10. Meals delivered to the room on a regular basis
  11. Medical Dressings –other than simple first aid. “WOUND CARE” would required an Outside Agency
  12. Assistance with Feeding
  13. Diabetic Support – testing and injection
  14. Repositioning every 2 hours
  15. Full Personal Care – AM
  16. Full Personal Care – PM
  17. Catheter Care
  18. Ostomy Care
  19. Mouth Care – am /pm , unassisted by resident
  20. Percussion Therapy
  21. Injection Therapy- Daily
  22. Exit Seeking – “Wandering Risk”- Generally requires a Locked facility




HOUSEKEEPING“In addition to our usual services”

Daily:              –           Washrooms inspected and cleaned as necessary

–            Inspection and changing of towels as necessary

–            Inspection and changing of sheets as necessary

Towels:          Checked daily, EXTRA – as required

 LAUNDRY                Laundry collected weekly  and usually returned same day

 NURSING CARE:               

In addition to the normal group of nursing services the following are included:

Medication:               –           Documentation/ Dispensing only with Dr. Orde

Meals:                        –          3 meals daily: served in the room as required

–           Special diets accommodated at added cost

  • Specialty foods will be an added cost

As each and every person and situation is unique please contact our Managing Director Lisa Hipgrave directly to discuss your needs.