LHIN Services Resume at Norfolk Manor

With 100% of Norfolk Manor residents fully vaccinated LHIN services are set to resume at Norfolk Manor. Norfolk Manor staff have done an amazing job keeping residents safe by moving to a site specific staffing model on March 23 2020. Now a year later with no new covid cases with residents or staff since April 14 2020 and all resident vaccinated LHIN services are set to resume on March 22 2021. In working with the LHIN and PARAMED the services are resuming with a site specific model where PSW’s from Paramed will only be working at Norfolk Manor ( site specific) and not at other community based client locations. All staff are encouraged to also get vaccinated and we are continuing to have staff get tested every 2 weeks.

The resuming of LHIN services now opens the door for Norfolk Manor to resume taking NEW RESIDENTS and those residents knowing that they are entering a safe environment ensuring their health and safety. The commitment by PARAMED to provide site specific staff has gone a long way to reducing the stress and risks associated with outside 3rd party suppliers of PSW’s services.