Norfolk Manor updated their profile picture.

Norfolk Manor updated their profile picture.



pool partyNorfolk Manor residents enjoyed a revitalizing afternoon enjoying cocktails and refreshments on the patio hosted by David & Lynda Ing. ” GROWING OLD IS MANDATORY…GROWING UP….OPTIONAL !! CHEERS

Manor-Isms Newletter Ressurection

MANOR-ISMS – News Letter….Congratulations.. under the guise of Robert Logan (resident) and Dawn Keating  ( Activity Coordinator) Norfolk Manor has resurrected its News letter.

Proof for October 2014

Dawns 20th anniversary

Dawn Keating celebrates her 20th Anniversary at Norfolk Manor in the role of activity & volunteer coordinator. Although she wears many hats, Dawn is part of the heart and sole of Norfolk Manor and make a difference in our residents lives each and every day…  Congratulations Dawn !

Farewell Rozina

FAREWELL ROZINA…..Rozina Kassam RN has been the Director of Care at Norfolk Manor for the past 14 years. Her commitment to the residents has been amazing and her diagnostic skills appreciated by all our community partners. She has been an integral part of our family and will be missed. We wish her well in her new ventures.

Volunteers Appreciated

VOLUNTEERS APPRECIATED! Approximately  45 Norfolk Manor volunteers were treated to a BBQ steak luncheon at the home of the  David & Lynda Ing.

MOCK EVACUATION – Success says Matt Valeriote GFD

Norfolk Manor Mock Evacuation Successful !   

Norfolk Manor staff and residents participated in a MOCK EVACUATION at 2pm today as an ongoing part of their fire training. A fire drill ( which are regularly held monthly) was held today with a representative of the Guelph Fire Department in attendance. The staff went through a horizontal evacuation until the mock situation was escalated to a full evacuation and residents were actually evacuated from the building. Matt Valeriote from fire department observed the evacuation. Following the evacuation Mr. Valeriote commended the staff for their excellent execution, commenting that Norfolk Manor always does a fine fine job.  WELL DONE !!



The volunteers of Norfolk Manor were treated to a `Thank You`luncheon at the home of David Ing ( Managing director). Fabulous BBQ steak & chicken served with a variety of refreshments and topped off with cheese cake and puffed pastries. MANY THANKS to all those who give of their time to bring joy to others. YOU DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE !


dsc_7015dsc_6986dsc_6987FATHER’S DAY BBQ…The men at Norfolk Manor were treated to thick AAA new york striploin, baked potates, ceasar salad and cold beer. Life is good!! David Ing, managing director and Fred Longstaff hosted the event with the support of the dietary manager,Tammy Engelage.