Our Compassionate Care Team

[L-R, Dawn Keating (Director of Client Services),Tammy Engelage (Dietary Consultant), David Ing– (President), Lisa (Ing) Hipgrave (Managing Director),  Shiela Cortejos R.P.N. ( D.O.C. Director of Care)

 Dawn Keating joined the team in 1993 as our Recreation & Volunteer Manager after already cutting her teeth at another retirement home. She has been our “Julie McCoy” of everything fun and ever since has overseen  all the activities inside and out, arranging trips, community interactions and managing our wonderful group of talented volunteers. In addition Dawn also wears the Health and Safety Hat and became our IPAC champion throughout the pandemic. she wears many hats all with a vision to aiding and improving the lives of our residents.

Tammy Engelage a chef and restauranteur joined the team as Dietary Manager in 2002. Tireless, detailed and with a heart the size of a pumpkin she known far and wide for putting her sole into everything she does and our residents know it. Throughout the pandemic Tammy has lead her team sometimes pivoting on a dime to meet the unprecedented challenges faced throughout 2020 and we are forever grateful. Tammy retired in 2022 and continues to consult with our new dietary manager to ensure the excellent quality and choice of meals continues. 

David Ing  President and Owner assumed the role of Executive Director in 1987 and then in 1990 became the Managing Director and has built a reputation of compassion and a willingness to go the extra mile for his residents and his co-workers.   You will not find a more experienced or dedicated care team in the city. We are very proud of our Compassionate Care Team, our Volunteers and our Community Partners who assist us in providing Gracious Retirement Living and Compassionate Care.

Lisa (Ing) Hipgrave  Managing Director (2023) Has served as assistant director  since returning to the family business in 1997 bringing her registered nursing background to the position supporting our D.O.C. and if you need an answer it is Lisa who usually has it. She is the heart and sole of Norfolk with her smile lighting up the room and her calm head and incredible knowledge we are all in good hands.

Shiela Cortejos R.P.N, D.O.C. Shiela joined our nursing staff in 2012 and was a welcomed addition from the start with her caring disposition and attention to detail she fit right in very quickly. In 2017 our Director of care had to depart and Sheila assumed the role on a temporary basis while we searched for a replacement. The challenge was finding someone that was a better fit than Shiela and as a result in 2018 she assumed the role of D.O.C. permanently  and we have not looked back. Her care and understanding of our residents needs combined with her leadership and consistent calm throughout the pandemic was second to none.