Frequently Asked Questions

What type of activities are offered?

There are numerous activities posted for our residents to participate in. Participation is, of course, voluntary and suggestions for new activities or trips are welcome anytime.

Is there a house doctor?

Yes, we do have a doctor who will take on any clients of Norfolk Manor who wish his services.

Do you do dry cleaning?

Dry cleaning is sent out at the resident’s expense. Items are picked up at the door and delivered the next day.

Do you allow electrical appliances in the rooms?

For the most part, yes; there are some restrictions for safety reasons. These are best discussed in person with administration.

What type of furnishings are allowed?

Our clients are welcome to bring whatever furnishings space will allow. There are some restrictions on appliances which generate a heat source.

How much notice is required when leaving the Manor?

Thirty (30) days written notice is required by either party to terminate the month to month tenancy. Where in doubt the Tenancy Protection Act has jurisdiction.

How is laundry handled?

We take care of all personal laundry. As we do laundry at night, the machines are idle during the day so that any of our residents may do their personal laundry themselves, if they wish. All resident clothing should be properly labeled to ensure the prompt and accurate return of laundered items.

When are mealtimes?

Meals are available at posted times and residents are assigned to either our 1st or 2nd seating for lunch and dinner. Special arrangements can always be made upon request. Our quality and portions are second to none!

How is medication controlled?

All medication is controlled by our resident supervisors under the direction of our Director of Care, Pharmacist and Medical Advisor. Our policy is to have medication reduced whenever possible. Please see our Medication Management page for more information.

How are nurses supervised?

Our Director of Care is an R.N. and oversees all aspects of our resident care and is available to our resident supervisors 24/7.

How do you handle special dietary needs?

We are pleased to accommodate special diets where possible. Residents are required to purchase any specialty foods which fall outside our normal purchasing practices.

Do you allow short-term stays?

Short-term, respite or vacation stays are available upon request and are an excellent way of “checking things out”. We are more than happy to earn your trust and a short term stay is a great way to treat yourself. Of course, short term or vacation stays are subject to availability.

What are your visiting hours?

We have none. You are welcome 24/7. If you are going to visit outside normal hours 8:00am – 10:00pm, please call ahead and let the resident supervisor know you are coming.

Is there a waiting list?

We currently do not have a waiting list. Priority on a recently vacated suite is given to any clients internally who fist wish to move, then first right of refusal is given to those who have identified an interest in that particular suite and then on a first come first serve basis.